ECU tuning for dummies
Yep, I'm one of the dummies Embarassed Very Happy Previously always had bikes with carbs to tune, so all this software stuff confuses me.

I've read a lot of threads and am still confused.

I am considering fitting a Yoshi full system to my 2004.
Do I need to have the ECU flashed or use Power Commander.
I thought flashing was the new thing but I have made a few enquiries and have been told Power Commander.

Can someone set me straight?

Much appreciated.

Flashing is the way to go i think if your around someone who does it. you dont really need a tune but its nice to have.

If you want to keep it simple for yourself, buy a powercommander. Otherwise you'll need a laptop, interface and software to flash the ECU. Flashing provides greater scope for tuning and removing restrictions and better bang for buck.
Since you are in Victoria I think Biker Boy (Paul) has an interface and probably could help you as he is really good bloke. Send him a PM and ask. However I think you still need the tune-up to get the best of your equipment (including the exhaust) as I doubt whether someone will will have exact maps for it, plus each bike is a bit of an individual. Lol3 Still flashing will help as you can change some settings and remove the restrictionsPi_thumbsup
"It is not a shame to not know, the shame is to not know and not to ask"
Thanks for the info fellas.Pi_thumbsup

One more question:
I have found myself a Yoshi full system and will follow Camel's advice to keep it simple with a Power Commander.
The guy I got it from was a genuine bloke and has offered me the Power Commander it was running, with all mapping done by Phil Tainton Racing.
So the question:
Am I right to think it is just a matter of plugging in the Power Commander and with the mapping already done it will be ready to roll? Possibly just a minor tune or tweek needed afterward to iron out any little differences from one engine to another?

Mate the ECU Reflash is dead easy and you won't need all that gear. I sent mine off in an Express Post bag to Pete's Pitstop up near Gympie (Qld). Google and then just give him a call. Great bloke. Tell him a bit about your bike ie. type of exhaust, air filter, fuel type etc. He has done hundreds of tunes and dynos on hundreds of different bikes and setups and he will no doubt have the perfect one for you. Cost is about $285 plus postage to and from. You just plug it back in when you get it and the difference is amazing. Just give him a call and have a chat about it. He can answer any of your questions.
I may have to call Pete as well for some advice regarding my SDS tool... it won't connect to my bike, whether it is a software issue or not, Im not quite sure... I've had to uninstall and reinstall the software several times, but keeps freezing... and help or advice would be appreciated..
Cheers, Sass

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