Changing Colour of Pillion Foot Peg Hangers
Hey Guys,

I couldn't find any thread on changing the colour of the Pillion Foot Peg Hangers in the DIY section or the Modifications section.
So here's how I did it.

I broke BOTH my pillion peg hangers trying to fit fleabay adjustable pillion pegs (pic below). Clearly no pillion foot pegs were not an option as the wife would have seriously injured me.
So I looked around and found a set of hangers from England for a reasonable price ($183.23), but they were silver.

I got them, fitted them, hated them.
Went down to the local bunnings, grabbed one can of etch primer and one can of black paint (screenshots below). Total bunnings trip cost $23.42

I laid down two coats of primer and then 8 coats of Satin black over 2 days and the results were pretty damn good in my opinion. (pics below)

All in all cheap and nasty adjustable pillion pegs cost me over $200, I ended up buying a semi-decent set for about $50 and they fit like a charm!

And if you guys want to change your hanger's, it will cost less than $25.

*Caution* I have no idea how long this will last with no clear coat..... Lets wait and see!

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