Gen 1 parts
Hi all 
i have posted Gen1 parts on Gumtree 
putting up photos on here is painful ? 
1 set of body failings $350 
1 complete headlight fairing , with headlight / indicators and new screen , complete unit $250 
1 bare headlight fairing $100
1 clear screen —- not that good $20
2 rear tail sections 1 black , 1 red both with tail / brake lights $100 ( each) 
1 inner rear body / mud guard $50 
2 seats , one. ordinary , 1 really good ,has a non slip covering Good seat $60 other offers
1 rear seat ,$offers 
2 rear seat bubbles , One black one red $50 each 
pm / email me for photos 
there is some photos on gumtree
have you tried posting to the Club's facebook Buy & Sell page?
BATFINK (aka Tony)


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Suzuki gives us a reason to loose it!!!!
i don’t facebook
G'day Harky, Sadly not many users view this forum anymore on a daily basis. But as Batty said, there is a very active group on the facebook Australian Hayabusa Club buy sell page.
I know you don't facebook, but it's where it all happens nowadays for the club.
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Regards BUSGO

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