WA Sth West Reunion Busa Run 2019
Well fellow Busa Riders the WA Crowd are at it again with the Reunion Busa Run well and truly in the process of pulling together for yet another fun 4 days on the mighty Busa things are slowly starting to come around and before we know it the weekend will be here and we’ll be out on the bikes enjoying the weekend for what it is, accommodation has been Booked currently have plenty of room. 
The price for the weekend is going  to be a little dearer than the last few years as the cost of the accommodation has gone up which in the scheme of things has been pretty good to date.
Cost looks like being around the $300 per person (TBC) for the full weekend which includes:
        Fuel for the Support Vehicles
Dates are now locked in and would like to thank once again those people that were able to shift things around to make the dates work. 
Please PASS onto people that I don’t have emails for about the dates.
I already have 39 on the list from my initial invitation so if you haven’t got yourself on the list as yet please let me know ASAP before I go out to everyone.

  • Day 1 – Baldivis to Somewhere in WA.
  • Day 2 – Let me think – WA Somewhere  
  • Day 3 – Mmmm Not Sure Maybe WA.
  • Day 4 – Bugger back Home
We will give people details on route for each day the night before so people can have a look at where we are heading.
Date   – Contact for Details  
Time   – 0700
Leave – 0800
Roo Boy / King Julian will be working on a design for another T Shirt again so if people could let Roo Boy (Mark) know who would be interested that would be great as he may be able to get a better price depending on No’s.
[email protected]
Contact Details
When people start locking in the weekend we would also like to pull together an Emergency Contact List just in case of an event of some sort, so if we need to contact anyone we will have these Details.
Info that I need from Everyone
At the moment there’s not too much I need to know but if you know what you’re planning to do then the following info would be handy
  • If you’re interested in going well you know the drill let me know.
  • If you have an idea on how many days each person is planning on coming that would be great so I can work out the accommodation – e.g. 4 Days / 3 Nights or 3 Days / 2 Nights.
  • Do you want a T Shirt?? – if so let Roo Boy know your Size, how many & he will get back to you once he knows colours etc.- [email protected] and CC me in [email protected]

I would also like to thank those people up front for Their Time and Effort to Help me Organize this Run Because Everything that is Done Over the Weekend is Done by People from the Busa Forum of FB Pages Who Have Volunteered Their Own Time to Make this the Weekend What it is.
So there you have it the wheels are in motion for the 2019 World Domination “Reunion” Hayabusa Run and we’ll be hoping it will be another great weekend.
On the List to Date
1 Rev004 – Gen II Busa      
2 Lucky 85 (Kal) – Gen II Busa     
3 Duc13 – Gen II Busa        
4 Bill Barrett – FJR      
5 Huls – Gen II Busa
6 Roo Boy – Gen I Busa
7 Highlander – Gen II Busa
8 Shiro Taka – Gen II Busa
9 Fabsgtr – Gen II Busa
10 Adrian – TL1000S
11 Alistair (Kal)
12 Ryan (Kal) – Gen I Busa
13 Monkeyfish – Gen II
14 Damo - ZX10
15 Maddogmoy – Gen I Busa
16 Muchacho – Gen I Busa
17 Andcad – Gen II Busa
18 Camel – Gen II Busa
19 Landmine – Gen II Busa
20 Craig Wallace – 748 Duc
21 NZ Rando (Kal) – Gen II Busa
22 Bazza (Duc)
23 Coose (VTR)
24 Andy (Gen I)
25 Dacca
26/27 Chris & Maree – TLR1000
28/29 Sean & Donna - Support Vehicle
30/31 Neil Blackbird and Tracey – Gen II Busa
32/33 Tim & Tanya – Gen I & II Busa
34/35 Burto & Friend
36/37 Outlaw & Rachel – Can Am
38/39 Tash & Co
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World Domination "V I" 2019 Reunion Run How About It Yes  
For Info Contact Rev004
Hi Guys Just Updating the List for the Reunion Run so if I don't have you on the list please let me know

Cheers Rev004.

1  Rev004 (Kev)– Gen II Busa
2  Lucky 85 (Glenn)– Gen II Busa
3  Duc13 (Dave) – Gen II Busa 
4  Bill Barrett – FJR
5  Darren (Daz) – GSXR1100
6  Huls (Marc) – Gen II Busa
7  Roo Boy (Mark) – Gen I Busa
8  Highlander (Gordon) – Gen II Busa
9  Camel (Mark) – Gen II Busa
10  Batfink
11  Damo – ZX10
12  Craig Wallace – 748 Duc
13  Rosco Kelsall
14  Bazza – 1098 Duc
15   Adrian – TL1000S
16   Shiro Taka (Mark) – BMW 
17   Mark Askew                            
18   Landmine (John) – Gen II Busa
19  Fabsgtr (Fabian) – Gen II Busa  
20  Andy – Gen I Busa 
21  NZ Rando (Matt) – Gen II Busa
22  Mark Redfern (Burto’s Mate)
23  Burto – Gen I Busa
24  Dacca – Aprilla
25  Maddogmoy – Gen I Busa
26  Allister – CF Moto
27  Muchacho
28   Don Knight – ZX14
29   Rudi Le Roux (Rudi) – Gen II Busa
30   JINXD (Simon G)
31   Ryan (Kal) – Gen I Busa  
32  Monkeyfish - Steve
33  Belzybob - Ian
33   Buzz
32/33  Outlaw & Rachel – Can-Am (Support Trailer)
34/35  Neil Blackbird & Tracey Bowling – Gen II Busa
36/37  Yards & Donna – Support Vehicle
38/39  Tim & Tania – Gen II Busa
40/41   Neil Blackbird & Tracey – Gen II Busa
42/43   Andcad (Andy) & Shaz – Gen II Busa
44/45   Chris & Partner – GSXR1000
46/47   Somebodyelse (Neil) & Tammie – Gen I Busa
48/49/51/52  Tash & Crew
When you Ride a Busa WARP Factor is a way of Life

World Domination "V I" 2019 Reunion Run How About It Yes  
For Info Contact Rev004

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