Gen 1 1441 build advice
Hey Fam my gen 1 broke a rod and i need a new block.. i want to build a 1441 and just looking at suggestions to build something reliable for specifically street purpose.. i want something with balls when needed for those 1 off moments i wanna leave someone behind.. nothing too over the top mods my bike previously had..

Ballistic clutch h/d
clutch basket welded
emission valves removed, head plated
inlet cam change
adjustable cam sprokets
new cam chain
manual cam chain adjuster
thin head gasket (high comp)
head cleaned up (high port and polis)
k&n airfilter
front and rear sprockets changed
drive chain changed
12.3:1 high comp pistons
power commander usb3
engine delay shifter (not connected)
yoshimura stage 3 full system

Thanks your advice will be appreciated also if you can point me in the direction of where In  Australia i can shop
sic what were u doing when when rod broke. 1441 with cams =210 rwhp.spend money on your head and get gen 2 motor bottom end gen 1 head  maybe

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