Full Version: Replacing Cush Drives
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Reason for replacing... approx 1/8th inch rotation on rear sprocket and noticicable clunking noise on changing gear, and on taking up and backing off drive, slow manoevering etc

Tools used
36mm socket
10mm combo spanner
12mm combo spanner
14mm combo spanner
12mm 3/8dr socket, extension and ratchet
4mm Allen key
Cross head Screwdriver
rubber mallet
rubber grease

Time taken around 45 mins including coffee, toilet stop, and answering phone.

1.... Remove rear brake caliper and arm that secures it to chassis by remove 2x12mm bolts from caliper and 1x12mm bolt from the arm. The other end of the bolt has 14mm head that you cant see. but you'll feel it there.

2.... Remove chain guard 2x crosshead screws and 1x4mm allen bolt for easier maniuplation of chain.

3... Remove 36mm nut from rear axle but not completely. Near the end of the thread tap the nut back in using rubber mallet to push rear axle out the other side. This protects the threads (leaving nut on til axle moves)

4.... Remove nut from axle and slide axle out. Caliper carrier will fall off but no big deal. Note the axle has flats machined into it on lh side so as to make a positive location and cant rotate.

5.... push wheel forward to remove chain and remove wheel.

6.... lift sproket assy out of wheel revealing cush rubbers if it hasnt already fallen out.

7....Remove old rubbers and replace with new. I found putting a smear of rubber grease on the locating lugs made refitting a lot smoother. Slipped in like a finger in a bum.

8....Refit rear sprocket assy, again a smear of rubber grease on the lugs that locate into the rubbers makes this a whole lot easier. I found line everything up then stand on it and it slipped in nicely.

9.... Refit in reverse order making sure you put caliper carrier on the right way round and I used loctite on caliper bolts.

10.. Rear axle torque setting is 100Nm (72.5 ft/lbs)

Hope this is useful