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Lowering - Front & Rear - n2ootto - 13-06-2004

I have lowered my bike and just thought i'd put some of the info here in case it is useful to someone.

I turned up some handle bar risers or spacers out of solid poly(really tough nylon plastic) on the lathe at work.i made them 34mm and then adding the 3 or 4 mm you get for nothing that lowered the front 38mm or so ,or in old language 1-1/2".i had to reroute the choke cable,and tilt forward the r/h/s reseviour and lever slightly so it misses the screen by 1 mm on full lock.

For the rear i made longer dog bones,the originals are 119mm centre to centre,the rear is set up as a 3 to 1 ratio,but just to make sure i did a life size drawing with all the attachment points in the right place,and it came out at 3:1 so no worries there.so imade the new dog bones out of 6 mm mild steel flat bar.i didnt even dog bone shape them,they are 30mm all the way.to lower the rear 1-1/2" as to match the front,i made the new dog bone centre to centre measurement 132mm (at a 3:1 ratio that will lower the rear 38 to 39mm(1-1/2"))

I made a tool that bolts between the rear stand bolt on area and the rear passenger foot peg hole to be able to adjust height to fit the different dog bones,worked well,if any other western australia hayabusa owners want to borrow them just give us a holla.

I dont like the idea of lowering one end a different amount to the other,although others do,i just wanted to retain the original factory handling feel but have the whole bike lower to the ground.

on some speed humps the exhaust 'kisses the top of them' some times but i can live with that.i think 1-1/4" lowering would avoid that.
the bike looks good lowered and i prefer it,obviously lean angles are reduced.
Other than the seat (mentioned next)the whole operation is reversable in 1 or 2 hours.

Next i borrowed the wifes electric carveing knife and re shaped the seat. Taking alot of the foam out and getting it recovered with the original covering ($20 at the auto trimmers). I really like to sit 'in' a bike not perched on top of it.

it is set up just right now for what i want,occasional drag racing and being able to move the bike around with both heels on the ground(im 5'6")

well that is about it,