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Nice Sleep And A Change Of Mind - Boss2 - 26-10-2000

After great consideration I have decided that stuff you Volvi why don't you piss off and take your incorrect information with you.I have forgotten more about motorcycles than two of you would or will ever know.Les asked where I got my information from ........the answer Suzuki Australia Like all and any information I post on this board I confirm it before posting it.So Hey I'm back and to Volvi in short ....STICK IT UP YOUR A.R.S.E and the details to the rest of this we shall sort out when next we meet and as the saying goes you can take that to the bank.Also a little surprised Les how you chat away to me on the phone helping you sort out your problems (twice in the last two days)but when it comes to the crunch your so far up Volvi's a.r.s.e you can't find your self.Sorry if this offends any one but so be it.Find it very hard to sit back and say nothing while some moron fills people with information on a subject they know bugger all about.
See Ya Boss

Re: Nice Sleep And A Change Of Mind - busababy - 26-10-2000

Ok mr big boss, after much consideration I have decided to respond directly to your somewhat offensive and uncalled for slur directed at me, and of course as usual at the club founder, Volvi.

Firstly, I am not aware of having asked you anything at all, unless it was whilst I was sleepwalking and you do seem to have a serious problem with accurate reporting.

If you must, it was you who rang me two days in a row, wanting to know the outcome of my busa breakdown (which you then hurriedly posted before I had a chance to - a bit cheeky) and vehemently trying to convince me to install the 'manual tensioner,' which you seem to be so insistently promoting as 'superior' to what Suzuki are installing. Why say that you were helping me sort out my problems? - THAT IS A BLATANT LIE!


Secondly, I don't understand why you have chosen to attack Volvi, and a few other people here on this board, on a boringly routine ongoing basis. You rarely have a good word to say about anyone’s posting and you make yourself out to be some sort of a mechanical guru, particularly on the busa.

Sure, as a mechanic you have more mechanical knowledge and experience than most of us members who may be cooks, plumbers or office workers, but that doesn't automatically give you license to attack and ridicule every posting placed by us mortals on this board.

Sometimes people like to air their point of view on a particular subject and it may not be totally technically correct so f...in what? That is not an invitation for you to come along with your 'vastly' superior knowledge (albeit self professed) and shred their input to pieces.

Lets just clear a couple of things Peter, you may be a great and knowledgable motor mechanic and no one has argued to the contrary, but just how much specialised factory training, seminars, tutorials and experience have you had on the world fastest production motorcycle? Now let’s not overstate our credentials Peter!

Of course, according to you, you are the greatest. But, alongside a qualified, specialised experienced busa mechanic who was trained by Suzuki, YOU ARE NOT THE GREATEST NOR THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE! But that’s cool and it doesn’t mean that you are not worthy or good enough.

My point being, we are all entitled to comment and put forward our points of view without inviting ridicule from other members or board guests. Show some respect Peter. Don’t come on the board and assert you self-proclaimed superiority. You are a mechanic and you may be very good at it, no one here attacks your ability or credibility. Just imagine if member Joe Citizen, the English professor busa owner, ripped into every posting of yours and ridiculed your every incorrectly phrased word and sentence. Now you wouldn’t like that, would you? So back off sport!

Lastly, it’s totally unacceptable for you to enter here as a guest and make threatening comments (albeit implied) to any other guest or member. It’s fine to post a point of view, an opposing point of view or even a criticism on a good-natured basis. However, threats or implied threats are not okay and if that's how you wish to conduct yourself, please take it elsewhere. Not LAMO


Re: Nice Sleep And A Change Of Mind - femfatel - 26-10-2000

Really Leslie you do have a way with words but if you keep up with the lie's mummy will put pepper on your tongue.
So as I leave a special tip from the Busa GURU to help your Busa fly.
Visit Jenny Craig and a guaranteed 5 seconds of the quarter.
Boss ooops I mean Femfatel

Re: Nice Sleep And A Change Of Mind - GLENN - 26-10-2000

LAMO ? Les, really, I must say DOH!!!!!!