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INTRODUCTION - Louwai - 27-03-2008

Hi all,
This section provides detailed and step-by-step instructions for doing things on your Hayabusa. From things as simple as changing a headlight globe, Adding that long awaited Bling, Fitting a new exhaust, through to a major service & more.

If you wish to contribute your knowledge, please do the following.
1) Clearly describe your activities step by step, from start to completion.
2) If possible, take photos of each step for clarity.
3) Add comments & arrows etc to photos if required for further clarity.
4) If you are doing a large, long term project, try to break it up & submit it as several smaller sections which can be done individually by others.
5) Send your submission to me, Louwai, (Bryan Middleton) bryan@mdam-imports.com.au
6) Alternatively, you can just post it in the MODIFICATIONS section & I can grab it from there.
NOTE: If you email your contribution to me, please send the photos individually. Please do not insert them into your word doc. If you do just insert them I can't post them onto the forum.
For any submission with photos. Please email the original photos to me so I can insert them into your submission under my log-in.
Every member has an upload limit for photos. Therefore, when deleteing old photos to upoad more, many peope have been deleting their DIY pics. This of course, then takes them out of the DIY thread & destroys the good work that hads been done.

I will format it to suit the forum requirements. No content editing will be done without consulting the author.

Cheers all & I hope this section is a help to your next DIY bike project.

If you are looking through the listings & find a mistake, a problem, pics missing etc. Please let me know so I can fix the issue.