This is a Facebook forum that i think all of us here at (AHC) can get behind as riders neil osbourne and i are getting a ride organised next year on the 2nd of may 2010 we are going to have the start of the ride at martin place out front of channel 7 we have support from (UMC) and were going to get the MCC to be involved as well as NSW police and ambulane accosiations. so it should be a great day for the ride


The Goal is to arrange as many Motorcycle and Scooter riders as possible WORLDWIDE in all the states and cities or your nearset city (IN YOUR COUNTRY) on 2nd May 2010 to bring awareness to all motorcycle and scooters riders. Remember it doesn't effect just the rider for the rest of their life.Their families and love ones are effected,also the other party of the accident is effected for the rest of their life , if they have killed a rider..So lets get active and make it happen...I don't know how big this event could be.... its up too all of us !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have made an officers list from the members,To let you know how many states and countries want to be involved on the day.(42) If your name is on the list and you don't want it to be there let me know and I'll remove it... Its only a guide...We do need People to help organize the day!!!!!


Now can you see us ?!!!! Is a group I started on facebook late September 2009. The group is currently 200 strong and growing as a the global motorcycle and scooter community. I started the Group after a night at work, I witnessed the aftermath of a motor vehicle running a red light colliding with a motorcycle rider. I was informed by the police the rider was killed insistently and did'nt have a hope in hell in avoiding the accident. After seeing the accident that night I thought there must be something done about awareness to all motorcyclists and scooter riders.

From the end of the finanical year 2008 there were 143,000 Motorcycles registered in NSW.Total registered motor vehicles in NSW not including motorcycles were 4,288,605. We are a minority group of road users. In 2008 90% of motorcycle accidents the rider was injuried or killed.
From 2003 to 2007 the fatal accidents were approximately 309 riders, in the same period injuried riders were approximately 10,721 and total casualities approximately 11,029. During 2003 to 2007 42% of Motorcycle solo accidents riders were at fault meaning riding above the own ability. 35% of accidents were the other vehicles at fault a high percentaged of those accidents were private vehicles and light trucks. Finally 23% of the accidents in 2003 to 2007 period were motorcycle riders involved with another vehicle. Motorcyclists and scooter riders are a minority on the road but have a large number of deaths and casualities and this needs to be addressed now, with rising fuel costs and the expense of a new car more and more people are purchasing motorcycles and scooters.
The awareness campaign I'm trying to implement I have been told by a few is arrogant and in your face. We do need change in our own way of riding a motorcycle or scooter. As motorcycle riders we need to be aware that the other road users are not aware of a motorcycle being in the vicinity of what they claim to be their road space. When a minor incident does occur and the driver does respond to the riders frustration the driver normally winds his or her window down expresses their deepest sympathy,by replying I'm sorry I did not see you!.
The reason why the driver was not aware, they have to many gadets in their vehicles.ie i pods with headphones, mobile phones,recieving and sending text messages and phone calls,GPS for the ones that have no idea of the direction they are going, then we have the driver with his or her DvD playing in the car with the music so loud they have no idea what is occuring in their surroundings. Last of all the arrogant driver,these drivers do not give a damn about anything or anyone. All their Gadgets are turned on,their windows up tight, air conditioning on and focused on one thing getting to their destination at any cost!. Driving a motor vehicle of any kind is difficult and is the most dangerous activity the majority of the population will do in their lives. The poor decisions and actions we all make for ourselves on the roads will change our lives or some elses lives for the rest of their life.
With all the motorcycle clubs assistants and the other governing bodies ie RTA, NSW police, NRMA, Manufactures of motorcycle riding equipment and Manufactures of Motorcycles I hope to bring awareness not only to drivers but to ourselves. Many riders are reluctant to wear proctective riding gear on hot days. One of the dangers on hot days is dehydration causing fatigue to a rider, hence making a poor decision and causing injury or death to one self. To improve our visiblity - ride together or near one another to and from work. There is always another bike going a simaliar direction. Alcohol is not the only killer on our roads, drivers with the mobile phone, GPS and i pods are becoming more of a threat I see it day in and day out. More policing and awareness campaigns about the dangers of using mobile phones and the other equipment they have at hand in their cars while they driving. Signage at black spots where motorcyclists and scooter riders are knocked down.
( picture of a bike with arrows pointing both ways with the word "LOOK")
These are just a few ways making it safer out on our roads for us all.For learner riders and new Mature age riders its a new experience on a motorcycle or scoooter and can be frightening to be on our roads. The learner rider courses do not prepare riders for whats the are going to endure on our roads. I'll let you be the judge of that if any one cares to go and have a look at the riding courses the RTA insist all riders do before getting their learners permit.
The motorcycling community as a vast amount of knowledge and experience in its pool its about time we all tapped in to it and improved the conditions for all and the ones that are thinking about riding in the future.

big kev,Neil Osbourne

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