Cruise Control - Gen II
VISTA CRUISE LOCK - Honda 2- Cable Modified to suit K8

It was a complete ass-pain to do, but the results are actually quite excellent. You can click these thumbnails below to see the details up close:

Final Install:


I used the Vista Cruise lock for the Honda 2-cable throttles, which has a small "ledge" to it:


So I needed to grind off this ledge....


Now for the ass-pain part.... the K8 throttle sleeve has several large ridges that are used to help retain the factory grip in place... since I was swapping them out for the excellent Beemer grips anyway, I had to grind these two ridges off the throttle sleeve....


There is a third ridge on the outboard end of the throttle sleeve... off it went, too....


Now this next step you don't want to dick up.... drilling two small holes to pass through a small retaining bolt that will affix the throttle lock in place. One hole through the throttle lock, and it's attending hole in the throttle pulley housing. There is more than enough room within the housing to hold the small bolt you will use here. Remember.... measure twice, cut once! Coolsmiley


Now you can mount up the Vista Cruise and adjust away! I ended up not using the nyloc bolt you see below, rather, the washers and small bolt only. The fastener cut its own threads into the plastic, and has been holding steady for several hundred miles now.

Another alternative.
Very nice finish
They work great & look heaps better than the plastic cam type throttle lock.
VISTA - UNIVERSAL Model. This can fit Gen 1 or Gen II bikes.
You need to modify it slightly for it to fit a Gen II as described here.
I did my cruise control fit today so here are the photos for the fitting of the UNIVERSAL VISTA model.
1st step is to move the master cylinder all the way into the centre of the bars so that the mounting block will fit between the brake bracket and the switch block.
Also tighten the brake bracket back up straight away so you don't forget to later.
You will need to make the mounting bracket for the cruise control fit the gap that is left. This means grinding the bracket to a thickness of 10.5mm EXCEPT the small section where the brace arm fits to the bracket. This section needs to remain at about 12mm thick so that the brace is firm when tightened up.
You also need to take a chamfer off the edge that sits alongside the switchblock. There is a a cable tie that secures the wiring from the switchblock and this runs along the edge of the mounting block.
I have attempted to photograph the chamfer.
Once you have fitted the mounting block to the bars, you can proceed to fit the clamp over the throttle and then tighten all the pieces. I found that I needed to insert two small washers as a spacer between the brace arm and the throttle clamp. The GEN II swithblock is a little wider than the GEN I version.

So this is the finished fitting.
These photos are all attached as full size. If you want more detail, simply click on the image and it will open at full scale in a window.

You may notice that I wasn't aware that the bracket had to be 12mm wide where the brace attaches until I had already ground it down to 10.5mm. I have made a spacer to fit between the brace arm and the bracket to fill the gap and secure the fit. Without the brace locked at 12mm it moved when I applied the lock. By fitting the spacer I have resolved the problem. If you are fitting one of these, just don't grind the whole bracket down to 10.5mm and you will not have the problem.
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