Changing The Spark Plugs
Submitted by BGAHEER

1) Open the seats
2) Open the side Panels (Just for good visibility)
3) Open the 2 tank screws (top screws)
*** I used the tie down to hold the tank up - pull the tank up and then tie it to the rear seat post***
4) Remove the air cleaner, There are 2 pipes on either side of the air-box remove them
5) There is a electric fitting on the back of the air box unscrew it
6) Loosen both the screws on the throttle bodies - either side
7) There is a 10 mm bolt near head (below tank screws) remove it
8) Now pull the air box up - i.e. notice the box sliding up on the throttle bodies.
9) Now if you have stock air box then you will have a tube attached to the bottom of the air-box - remove it and the air box is off
10) Now you can see the plugs - I will replace it one at a time - kindly not - donâ€t under or over tighten them or you are in trouble - itâ€s easy if you follow your instincts.
11) Connector which sits on top of the plug is about 5 inches long and quite tight fit - so you will have to pull straight up - only getting the first one is an issue - then you know the process :)
12) If the plug is loose and you cannot get it out of the hole then put the connecter back in and then pull the plug out.
13) I started from right side and came to left
14) Once done re-fit it back.
15) If you want easy fitting of the air box then put a bit of oil/lube on the edges of the throttle bodies.
16) All this is about hours of work if you know what you are doing

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