Memebers in cessnock and surrounding areas
Hi guys just recived an email from rod colligan from the MCC and hes looking for peoples to help with marshalling this friday this will be only for a few hours providing members the best seats in the house along with food and drinks (Non Alcoholic) for the day. We would be asking people to flag marshal for 4 hours then enjoy the racing.

this trial may commence in some months, but we have been asked to supply Marshall urgently for this Friday at the NSW Moto-X State Titles at Cessnock Rd, Ryhope.

We need up to 44 people if we can assist. Starting times are 8am to lunch, then Lunch to 4:30pm.

so if you are interested, and can help please respond to me within 24 hours.

Rob Colligan




i would attend this but i have no way of getting there unfortunatly but im hopeing some AHC members can step up and help out , if some 1 from sydney is going i would attend . let me know guys and contact Rob ASAP please
Huh? I'm about 30min away.
well if your interested contact Rob and let him know that your interested

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