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Just caught up on your posts. Great to hear you got the all clear from the docs. Feel for ya for all the shit you have to go through, but theres a golden rule in life that I follow, 'No matter how bad it may be it could always be worse' and just go with the flow as best as one can. Sorry wont make tassy this year. Wishing you and everyone a Happy New Year and especially to you batty a full recovery and back to feeling great.
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an update...................

On 23rd Dec I had a PET scan. Had to wait until yesterday to get teh results form the Oncologist. It should have been last week but we made a mistake on the date and missed the appointment LOL. When we rang we were told to get in that day which makes all sorts of things go through your mind... i mean they wouldn;t demand if everythign was all right would they?/

Well, the extra worry was for nothing. The scans show old or new cancer activity!!! Looks like they got it all.

Now I still have a few years fo regular check ups to make sure nothing starts growing, or growning back before I am out of the woods but the op, chemo and radiation has worked this time around.

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Great news!
Great news!
keep on keeping on...
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great to hear Batfink!!
I wish you all the best
Cheers, Pete´┐Ż Coolafro
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