Who Still Visits The Forum
I do every day I can
Activate about 5 new users a week Some don't post but have a look around
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Not too often nowadays, always good to see whats up in the busa domain. Dont have a bookfake account anymore , gave that shit up long ago
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Grapyono visits every day at least once. I like to see what is going on that is not in FB world. I would rather the forum to FB to be honest...
I look a few times a week. Don't do FaceBook.
Thinking of the FB option... Where would we post our how to and mods? So much good stuff on the forum that cannot move over to FB due to the simple nature of FB. Its is like a shop on FB. Not a great option.... The forum is king...
once or twice a week
Cheers, Pete´┐Ż Coolafro
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Facebook is good for immediate social networking; like, 'I'm heading out for a blast southwards this arvo. Who's coming?' Or 'Haha suck shit c*&ts, I got a 11.01 at Motorplex last night'. Good for keeping in touch. The forum is good for posting up technical stuff but people get sick of armchair experts contradicting you and hanging shit on your efforts. So why bother.
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Slowly come down to a visit once in a while for me, simply because of the lack of traffic on the site I suppose.

No stalkbook for me either.
Not as often as I should but more than some, though I rarely post.
I don't drop as much as I use too but every now & then
never seems to be much going on here
I don't do FB cause I have better thing to do plus I would rather be out side
I think FB is killing this site

cheers wayne
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once or twice a week... at least to check on regerstering newbies.

Need to get back into it but I have turned tot he darkside a bit these days with my fake log in name LOL I see it as I have no real comercial contract with Facebook so there is no legal need for me to supply a real name LOL

A few members have hit it on the head though... FB has taken over the instant social organising for rides and such but the forum is a much better media for keeping technical info and helpful tips.

I doubt forums will take off again as they are clunky and difficult to access, link and interct instantly on. However it would be great if FB allowed a forum to creat instant links as a group page so each post there creates a thread here and each reply there is a post in that thread here... .a programmers nightmare probably, lack of potential advertising income for FB deffinately LOL

Love the forum as it got me into the Busa scene and it's people
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