Vance & Hines on 2018
Hey Guys,

I've just fitted the Vance and Hines CS One Dual exhausts on my 2018 model and couldn't be happier!...
They sound bloody amazing! so deep, I've tried taking a before and after video to show the sound difference, but the bass just doesn't come through.
Customs pulled my exhausts up in fear of Asbestos and Vance & Hines were all over it, with email reply within seconds! great service before and after purchase.
Couldn't recommend them enough if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Ignore the Broken Pillion Foot Pegs, that was from trying to fit Chinese Foot Pegs.
New ones on their way.

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Very nice mate. Have you had her in to the dyno yet to adjust for the new pipes yet?
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Nice looking bike mate, and some tasteful mods you're doing there.
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