The Passing of Rod Norris RIP (Club, Board Owner)
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Im sorry to hear that,condolences to his family and friends.
It's so Sad to hear this news and my condolences go out to Rods Wife & Family never an easy time for anyone that is left behind.

Rod was true to the Forum and did his best to keep it ticking over, our thoughts will always be with you, have fun riding the Busa through the Clouds.

Condolences to his family.
R.I.P. Rod
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Great bloke. So sorry to hear. Ride on Rod Norris ride on..
Cheers, Pete´┐Ż Coolafro
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This news of Rod was as shocking as it is sad. I know he will be at peace now riding the endless highway he deserves.

To me Rod was a quiet resevred type of guy that had a huge love for his daughter, a determined passion for his Hayabusa and an unwavering suport for his mighty North Melbourne AFL team - The Roos. On all the rides we did together he was happy to cruise along at his own pace, stopping to take pictures as he went and always finishing with a huge smile, cold beer and good ole' BS session.

Rod began a collection of Club signature on a huge Suzuki flag hoping one day that all Club members would end up with their autograph adorning the flag. This idea can still continue as Rod passed the flag forward........

He will be greatly missed
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