Undertail - guard mod
This mod cost me $1.59. and it looks great.

Here is a step by step on how i did it.

1) Cut the mud flap off just under the tail light area.

2) I bought an 'L' shaped thing from a hardware shop, it is galvanised. for 21cents and 2 larger ones for 69cents each.

3) I drilled a hole through the bottom of my tray right at the rear in the middle so that the 'L' shape thing is centered.

4) I got my stock steel numberplate holder from my mudflap and drilled a hole in the middle just above the one thats already there, and then bolted it on.

5) I bolted the larger 'L' things onto the steel plateholder and then bolted the blinkers on and wired them up.

The end result, a nice fender eliminator that will do the trick until an undertail comes.
Picture below is with a after market undertail

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