Side Stand Mod - Busa prone to fall.
Comment by Iceman
The Busa is prone to fall over. The kick stand tends either not to "LOCK FORWARD ENOUGH" or if parked on a slight angle, roll forward 1/2 inch and fold up the kick stand.
Either way you look at thereâ€s nothing Oh to familiar when you hear the "CRACK" or come home to find it on the side. I personally have had it happen twice. I know of 100's of instances.

If you lower the bike, this mod is essential. Don't go too hard though. Mark it up to make sure you don't get carried away.
A dremel is the best tool for the job. This will be sucking eggs to most but you never know, do you?

Info & Pic by Shredder
It costs nothing to do this- but may save you a tremendous amount of money- namely preventing a tip over. This modification to the Hayabusa involves just taking a dremmel tool and grinding down the metal to create a small notch that the sidestand sits against while the sidestand is down.

A few millimeters of metal removed changes the angle of the motorcycle while it's at rest. In turn you have less chance of a tip over. When you buy this motorcycle- one of the first recommendations from every Busa owner you'll run into is do the sidestand mod first.
To do this mod- grind a notch into both sides of where the sidestand contacts the bracket so it can swing forward a bit more. The notch only needs to be a 1/16" or 1/8" deep. I shoot a lot of photography while riding and often park the bike anywhere at any time at a moments notice to catch a great shot. No tip-overs yet!
[Image: b76e01eb-552d-45d5-97df-028004b674c3_zps59f1c171.jpg]

Busa's yeah i guess i like them I've owned a few Pi_tongue

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