Sub-frame break
In anticipation that this board will be off and running in a few days, I will start this topic as raised by Peter with the pics showing the break.

Just amazing, I have heared about a break in the main weld as experienced by our Melbournian 'copper' (police) guy who rides his black/red into the ground (also responsible for the cam chain recall). Have heared that he's recovering from a bad fall, whilst totalling his bike, and blames the weld-break. However I believe he may have been performing some Busa 'acrobatics' at the time.
I have contacted Suzuki Australia and am awaiting a reply on an official stance. Action motorcycles (Melbourne) knew nothing about it until I talked to them, and they are going to investigate. Apparently the TL1000 and other models have suffered from this problem.
Anyone else got any news on the sub frame breakage.
I often carry a pillion but won't be until i hear further news on the topic.
I continue to carry pillions (only one at a time ), and once a week, inspect for potential problems. Proportionally, the number of incidents is low, but it is still worth being aware - just not paranoid.
Thanks for the feedback, when I saw the photos posted
of the damage, I had a mental picture of a pillion skinning their arse on the rear tyre "ouch".
Does anyone know how many Ks these bikes have done?

I'm assuming (maybe incorrectly) it would take a few Ks before the split.


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