Chamchain Tensioner Design Issues -- Manual vs. Au
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The Hayabusa's third-generation tensioner has been designed from scratch. The new one uses oil pressure as well as a spring to keep the camchain tight.

The oil pressure works as a damper, preventing sudden movement of the tensioner. A ratchet system is now fitted as well, so the new tensioner can't loosen once it has tightened up the camchain.

Suzuki says it has a good supply of parts and the firm claims there should be no delay in getting the recall done - at least for officially imported bikes. Letters have already been sent out to owners informing them about the recall.

A Suzuki spokesman said owners should get the work done as quickly as possible and should not take any risks with their bikes. He said: "This is an urgent safety recall. Owners should avoid using high revs and sharp acceleration or deceleration until the work has been done."

The recall work takes around three-and-a-half hours and Suzuki says it has informed all its dealers of the procedure.

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