I can't beleive it !!!!!!! I sat here last night hitting the refresh button on the ( BOSS BANNED POST )for 2 hours! I actually got it up to about 1031 views, only to come back thismorning to find all but about 60 odd views have been deleted... I think it just shows that your a little scared that the conflict between members is more popular than the stuff you say about the Hayabusa!!!!
And to the child of the group ( Les )nothing really I just like calling you a child cos you bite so damn hard when I say that..
And lets not forget Volvi , before you BAN me like you have in the past ( but did it silently ) !! don't bother cause I wont be back! not until you let me hit the refresh button as many times as I like ..........LMAO
P.S. Thanx to the person who helped me with the refresh button thing last night your button pressing has not gone unrecognized.
Views are incremented by hitting the refresh button, and then periodically the system consolidates them to establish a more accurate figure for "views". Nothing has been altered, and the views were probably largely your own.
If thats the case i appolagise , but you have to understand!! cos in the past posts / comments, ect have been deleated at the drop of a hat .
and yeah about 930 views were from me..........

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