Discussion Board
Discussion Board

It does exactly what it says at the top of the page.

You cant go around banning people just because you're the moderator. It is a DISCUSSION BOARD fer Krist sake!!

this is where people DISCUSS THEIR BELIEFS in what ever they want to.
You dont agree?? tough @#%$. Discuss.

There is a lot of "petty @#%$" going on here boys, I know the whole ethos of the Aussie male is one of domination and being the best, well, ## NEWS FLASH ## it aint so on the internet. That dont wash no more.

If the few who are in charge dont agree with a certain issue, they cannot delete, or ban the author, just because it goes against their personal views, this DISCUSSION BOARD has access from the entire WORLD, in which, some cultures would seriously shock,....

Post which are not (for a better phrase) "Environmentally acceptable" quickly get washed under the carpet, although, having been a regular visitor here for a while, perhaps they will stay on page 1 for quite a while............

So what's gonna hapen eh? Boss banned? Volvi resign?

Grow the @#%$ up.

Thought you were all supposed to be over the age of 10...This is life. HELLO!!! differences always occur. If you cant deal with them and accept that sometimes you are wrong, mis-informed, or slightly off course, AND be able to accept others points of view without getting yer knickers in a twist then you shouldnt be here

Just my 2 penneth.
Delete if you like, I dont care. Its posted on LABUSAS.ORG as a record under AUSSIE SITE FULL OF TESTOSTERONE
We all want a discussion board, NumbNuts.

There are many who fear "discussing" on the discussion board, and not just for their egos. This is a problem.
p.s. I am now one of those.
Numbnuts, you have missed the whole point, it has nothing to do with opposing opinions whatsoever, to the contrary exchanging opinions rather then 'yes' men are encouraged. If you cant see what it all about I am not going to start to explain it to you.

And contrary to some statements made here there is no censoreship of opinions and peoples opinions are NOT removed just because they are not agreed with, hence you see all the rubbish here on the board, dont believe everything you read here as gospel, and under no circumstances is or will anyone be banned for their opinions alone.

But as board moderator I have removed on rare occasions a few posts that were inflammatory and that must have been at least 3 months ago and nothing since.

You can do what you like and sh*t on anyone you like on LaBusa board, but it aint gonna happen here. Malice, hate, personal threats and ridicule are not going to be tolerated here, if thats too mild for you then stick with LaBusa otherwise you are more than welcome here.

I will reiterate, whilst I take no pleasure in it I WILL ban anyone that behaves with the above mentioned attitudes, and for the good of the whole and the club and if thats not good enough then go Pi**, sh** and fu** on another board, Labusa has no problem with that and thats fine it was created for, with that in mind, sorry but not this one.

is it really @#%$ing necessary to block oout the letters in piss @#%$ and @#%$ ya boruing @#%$in @#%$s
this does suck you fu*c*king guys su*ck so fu*c*king much that you have to protect your little eyes and ears from some f*uc*king bu*ll*sh*it like this what the f*uc*k
Hehehe - Fish Antlers ... great name!

It's a really @#%$ing great day - we should all be out riding!

Oops just have been ... and off for more ...

Busas rock ...
Yea Yea yea

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