An Aussie I rode with told me this:
Didn't mean to rock your boat John Boss
Boss2.. I came in here not knowing anything about your beef with Volvi. Although I could see it was big. I didnt really care either way, but you're starting to lose me know.

I agree that there COULD be a rascist subtext to Volvis statement, but that doesnt mean he's rascist per se, perhaps he is, perhaps he aint. But the continued vitriolic chasing of everything he says and the way you expand and extrapolate everything to such huge proportions seems to be bordering on obsessive. I know you dont like him, but just ignore him. All this getting personal every second F*cking post is getting tedious real quick. Email

I'm not shy, if I dont agree with Volvi OR you I'll say it.


Respect your opinion and honesty there Paul Boss
Thanks Boss,
and I respect your abilities too, judging by what Ive read here.
I've just started a new job after a while off, and when I get some money (or the fsking taxdept come up with the goods) I may venture over your way as the busa could do with some tweaking (and a plain old decent service).
Although my main beef is its lardarse handling....

(spent 1/2hour trolling thru old posts to find where all this animosity came from..couldnt find)
you guys suck!
Before I start, piss off septic "fish Antlers"
Boss, I too have tried to find this past history and animosity between yourself and Volvi and as such am unable to understand your obsession with attacking everything he has posted since I have been aware of this site. I certainly have no grief with you and would hope that if a National Ride/club day were ever to eventuate, I could meet and share a beer and a few lies with both of you but the postings of the last week or 2 is becoming ridiculous. Surely this can be forgotten or moved to a more private arena. I am only interested in the bike, accessories, info etc but NO POLITICS!!!
I joined this club a couple of weeks ago and in my excitement of just such a club, have been keen to brag and pass on this info with friends and family but am now not so keen and am tempted to forget the address.
Sorry to step on anyones toes but am forced to no longer sit on the fence and read about @#%$ instead of the informative/entertaining/educational news I was first exposed to!!!!!!
kind regards to both Boss2 and Volvi but fer christs sake.................
To anyone trying to find the root cause of the current anamosity I think you'll find it's already been deleted by the moderator at the time.!!!
fu.c.k y.o.u pars!! get yer own thread you!!!!!!!!! here ya go! eat me!!! Censor this!!!!!!!

Fish antlers last post was just removed by me for being most offensive to anyone who may have seen it. It was meant for Pars. I will not relay it's contents which included a picture.

Glenn, I would normally not have bothered to post a response to your last post, simply because it is totally untrue and quite pathetic. To qualify what I say, to this board it all started under the topic of recall where I posted the following;

"Agreed Jamie.

Pete didnt you say that you were sure that Suzuki would surely do the right thing? Are you now saying that I should'nt trust them? "

I repeat I have not removed any post within the last 3 months. In fact the above mentioned is the first since 3 months ago.

Glenn if you are a 16 yo, then I can take your accusation lightly, but something tells me you must be at least a few years older.

Since writing this, fish has re-posted the post, so instead of removing it again I will leave it so you can see what kind of posts I would remove. So should posts like that be allowed to remain on the board??????
#25 lost in this message! I love riding my Busa in Texas. Strights, back country roads, doesnt matter......just let me get on the BUSA!!!! I would love to ride guys sound like yall have fun! Maybe one day....


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