!!! Apology !!!
I would like to apologise to all the board members for this current out break here on the Busa Board.As Gary pointed out any personal conflicts should be sorted out offline as I intend to do so. To the members who supported me and the principals involved both on here and thru phone calls to me I thank you.To those who do not know me and prejudged me I would like to suggest you re-read my posts over the time on this board and you will find the bottom line to each post is trying to help other members. In my posts I don't post an opinion on the Busa I post what I am paid and qualified to know,this doesn't make me a Guru just a mechanic who know's his job.You see the day of the grease monkey is long dead,with the technology in vehicles now, mechanics actually need and do have a brain believe it or not.
For those who do not know me at least you know I put it up front,and sadly there are those that sneak around and stab in the back. I am not a member of this board and have no wish to be, I simply try to help out those less informed and steer them in the right direction in regards there motorcycles and give them the benefit of my 30 years in this trade. I shall be far less forthcoming with information here on this board in future but hasten to add any members or friends I have made here need only but ask to recieve any help I can give. Enjoy your day as I will mine (the S\E Contingent's off to the Gp). Boss

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