The Ducks Guts Of The Problem....................
This is something that needs to be said and I address this to you Volvi as it's this fact thats the root of the problem here.I know that if I walk up to a man on the street and call his wife a s****** then he will react !!!
I'm afraid Volvi you feel that you can say whatever you like to whom !!! BUT!!! when they react you then use your power as moderator to REACT against them.This Volvi is why several members of this club feel like tearing your arms off when next they see you.It's not because they are bad people or a.r.s.e holes,simply because they are human and react to things you have said or done as any Normal person will react.
If you cannot see by the world wide reaction to your actions that you are wrong, then I feel sorry for you..........but I notice there is still no apology forth coming from you,as in the situation many months ago Richard did some wrong by me.........but he apologised for it and as far as I was concerned that was the end of the matter and earn't some respect from me in the process.I can name four members of this board that you have had heavy conflict with and each time it is for the same reason.
I think you need to learn that if you kick people in the guts there is a damn good chance they will kick you back and often because you have hurt them with your actions and emotions become involved they will kick you back a lot harder (maybe even threaten you).Have also noticed that in the time I have known you you have stressed over and over it's not your club it's the members club (No I'm certianly not a member I add here) but when it comes down to the wire all of a sudden you are Lord and Master ????????????? and you wonder why the NAZI term is posted.
In closing two points I'd like to make
1/ To the people so quick of the mark to comment that do not know me or more importantly do not know the full story then you at least need to find out the full story before you pass judgment (kangaroo court).

2/ Volvi please learn for your own sake that if you press the right buttons people will react.......and yes even THREATEN you. BUT there is term used in the legal system even in assault cases and that term is .....DUE PROVACATION
because the law (which is made by the people)is aware that if you provoke some one enough they will react.

I'd say as a child Volvi you would have stood at the neighbours fence and teased the dog with a stick,but when finally he jumped the fence and bit you, it wasn't you who was wrong, he was just a savage dog.
So please continue on, but how about treating the members on your board with the same respect that you DEMAND from them ??. Or guess what from the looks of it they may ban you and even threaten you I guess after all.... arn't they human ???.I don't know of many people who run around threatening others without provocation !! DO YOU ???????
Oh !!! no antagonism here just plain cold facts Boss

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