New club!
News on the grape-vine is that a new Busa club will be up and running soon(week or two). The address will be . Keep an eye out 4 it.
Doh! Get rid of the au bit at the end of the address. Sorry folks. The address is Sounds like this club will have a lot of benefits for all its members. Nothing like a healthy bit of competition and maybe a change of pace! See you all there soon.
Sounds like this could be good and maybe even interesting .Hope there are a lot of ideas exchanged. My only question is who is the Grand Poobaa and who is going to play Smithers?
Not many comments here. Maybe more information is needed!
Glenn, does that thong hurt?
Seeing I borrowed it from you it was a bit small...LOL
And loving it
Things are going well and should be online on 3/11/00.
E-mail for new club is
For further details contact as above,from what I've heard so far, this club is going to be wicked and provide it's members with events such as competitions, ride day's at Phillip Island and organised discounts from select retailers in the industry,info input from Suzuki and it's dealers.Also a free advice hotline and a breakdown pick up service (small fee) these are only the start apparently of a club that will be run by it's members for it's members.

Man, arent we getting spoilt for choice over here down under ....
I am certainly looking forward to the new club achieving in strides, leaps and bounds what our present one isnt doing! Just in terms of get togethers, competitions, giveaways and the like, you real clubs do...
Cor, we could even have concourse, best bike etc. etc... Geez, the mind boggles! Good on ya guys...(Whomever you are)
If you have'nt already seen, there is a pair of gloves up for grabs(donated by Brian at BIKEMART) when the 40th member joins the new Australian Hayabusa Club. Be patient with member applications as Gumby tries his best to get them on the board as quickly as possible. So, don't be shy, reap the benefits of this new club!

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