Paint Protection - Covering Film Install
Hi Folks,

A couple of threads recently on paint protection films.

I have just installed the Ducoscratch system on my bike - here is my experience.

Photos show installed film after polish has been applied but not cleaned from the edges so you can see the outline of the film. The rear tank protector film has not been used becasue I already have a protector but the film (if used) would replace the existing protector and appear similar to the side protectors.

Purchased the Gen 1 Busa kit from for about $160 inc post.

The kit compriseses 11 pieces (If I remember correctly);
3 for front fender (tip and each side),
3 for tank ( side (leg area) and back of tank)
5 for nose.

Installation is relatviely easy and they come with an instuction cd.
Essentially you;
1. use water with a few drops of shampoo to position the protector film.
2. Tack down one edge or corner lightly to hold the film in place.
3. Peel back the "untacked" film and rinse it and the fairing with clean water.
4. tack down the rinsed film with the squeegee.
5. lift the "holding tack" and rinse it before retacking.

Time to Apply - 2-3 hours but could be done faster in an area with better lighting than my workshop.

Repositioning - Its easy to position the film with the water shampoo and even when "permanently" tacked down you can lift the film and reposition it.

Bubbles - if careful these are not a problem and if you (inevitably) get small bubbles they can be squeegeed out ( paractice by covering some of the kids school books with contact).

Creases - I got a two small creases on one piece where there were compound curves. These could have been removed if I stretched the film a bit more - it was easier to cut these small pieces with nail scissors than reapply.

Visual Impact - on my blue Busa you can really only see the edges - and then only if you are looking closely. It does not change the colour of the covered area.

My two Bobs worth;

Front Fender - only the tip of the front fender is covered and the sides near the forks. Extending the film at least 6" along the top of the fender would have been worthwhile.

Side Fairing - no protection for front edge of side fairings which was a disappointment but would probably damage the Kanji stickers if they ever needed to be removed.

Installation - if you can cover school books with contact you can do this.

Visual Impact - negligable.

Value (ie would I do it again) - Probably not.
Great in theory but Im not aware of too many busa's with stone damage to the nose (not sure a plastic film would save from a stone anyway). The front fender cover is so small to be of little value. No leading edge side fairing film is an omission. Better to spend the money on a headlight cover (the headlight and screen take up app 60% of the front surface anyway) and pocket the change for other goodies or the low chance that you do get a stone chip and need some repaint (this alone is a good reason not to get metallic paint)

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