Fairing - removal Gen 1
EDIT: This post is a combination of info from Bgaheer, Raz & Iceman.

Steps to remove the panels for your 99-07 Hayabusa;

1. Tools needed to remove the panel (Allen key and other stuff)

2. Open the riding seat.

2a Remove the Tank bolts. Some may find removing the tank makes faring removal easier.

3. Open the right side Panel first, leave the centre screw intact and open all the rest of the screws along with the single plastic tab on top. Open the centre screw last.

4. Pull the panel out – pulling it upwards and towards yourself at the same time.

5. Open the left panel in the same way.

6. To Open the rear panel (tail faring) open the rear seat.

7. There are 4 bolts on top of the fender below the seat – remove these

8. On both sides there is a hook for tie down – these have a black plastic tip – remove the tip and you will see a Allen key hole – open both the bolts
If you have a Gear Sack these tie-down hooks will have been removed to fit the rack. This will need to be removed.

9. There are plastic tabs (total 8) two are on the top side on the painted panel (this joins the panel under the front seat. To remove these tabs just push the centre plug in and then pull them out, they come off very easily
(If the tabs are not coming off with very little pulling effort then you are doing something wrong). There are 3 tabs each on the lower side remove these

10. To remove the rear panel you have to undo the cable for the rear seat lock. Remove the cable outer ring from the clip and then remove the inner from the lock (to be done by hand no tools needed.)

11. While removing the rear panel you will have to undo the connection for the rear tale lamp (cable connectors).

1) Remove side fairings first.

2) Remove two plastic rivets from inner fairing around dash

3) Remove windscreen allen bolts and remove windscreen

4) Pull rubber boots away from mirror mounts and remove bolts

5) Disconnect the "push clips" under the head light.
You may find some bikes are missing them, they fall out or owner forgets to put them in, or breaks them etc etc.

6) Remove lower black plastic panel under front fairing. (Not necessary but I did it anyway)

7) Now you are ready to pull the front fairing off.

8) Grasp the upper corners of the fairing and carefully pull them over the mounting tabs for the mirrors one side at a time. There will be some resistance, but it will go.

9) Once the mounting tabs are cleared, you can pull the fairing off. Make sure you disconnect the light wiring harness located on the left side of the fairing. (On the right if you are in front of the bike)

10) Set the nosepiece down on your work area.

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