Frame Slider - (OGGI) Fitting Instructions
This is My Experience of Fitting Frame Sliders

Easy; but can easily ruin your fairing if not careful.

To Slide or Not?

1. From my reading I get the impression that many Busa owners are against installing sliders for several reasons;
2. It will spoil the look of their bike - beauty is in the eye of the holder.
3. They will break / bend and cause more damage - if the crash is that severe the side would be stuffed anyway.
4. They will concentrate force on one area of the frame and do more damage - ditto above.

They will minimise damage in minor accidents or if the bike falls over etc. The Sliders on a previous bike meant I could repair a small damaged area myself rather than need to have the whole side fairing repaired and resprayed.

Slider Materials;
1. Delron (plastic) recommended.
2. Chromed (not recommended even though these are the ones I bought) as they are hard and can scratch other vehicles whereas the Delron are less likely to do this.

Slider Types;
1. Non Cut Sliders - fit on mount and protrude through the vents. Pros; no damage to your fairings. Cons; expensive. Not sure if they are as strong as standard types.
2. Engine Mount Sliders - usually at the front mounts (these are the most popular) but some also mount further back and higher at the rear engine mounts.

This thread describes installing the sliders that attach to the front engine mounts.

Most important.
1. Measure twice, cut once applies as each side's slider is in a slightly different position.
2. Take your time and remove less rather than more material – you only get one chance to do it right.
3. Do one side at a time.

The front engine mounts on the left and right hand side are near the main fairing screw but are in slightly different positions (about 20mm difference). You need to measure each side. The different positions are not apparent once the slider is installed unless looked for.

The gap between the engine mount and the fairing is about 15mm deeper on the left side. To get a symmetrical fit I cut off the "stub" on the RHS slider (leaving a little b/c the engine mount is sloping and countersunk).

Bolt Length – I found the 80mm bolts supplied to be too short for my liking – (the engine hangs off them after all!) I bought 100mm bolts. it is a metric fine? thread so had to be purchased from a specialist fastening supplier

How Its Done (this is to fit Slider fully into the fairing).

1. Remove the fairing and measure the position of the engine mounting bolt from the main fairing mounting bolt. (Measure again). See Alternate methods for locating pilot hole at end.

2. Transfer measure to the outside of the fairing (Measure again).

3. Support the engine and remove the front mounting bolt from one side.

4. Install the fairing

5. Drill a pilot hole with a 3mm drill. Check that the drill is centred and redrill if required (you will probably need several attempts to get it centred)

6. When satisfied with the position make a hole only large enough to fit the Slider stub.
I used one of the conical or stepped bits available from Bunnings for $20. You could use a cutting bit suitable for installing locks (see how to use these below). DO NOT use a spade bit as these scrape rather than cut and are hard to control.

7. Install the Slider into the engine mount hole – this will give you the “finished position”. The hole in the fairing at this stage should be smaller than the diameter of the Slider body so any small off-centering or errors should not be visible.

8. Trace around the slider body onto the fairing with a fine point pen.

9. Remove the Slider (and fairing if you prefer not to work with it on the bike)

10. Cut the fairing along the outline.
Apparently this can be done with a small cutting wheel ie Dremmel. Or you can use a hole saw; as the pilot hole can not be used to centre the saw cut a hole with the saw in a thin bit of ply and place the ply over the outline (after using masking tape on the fairing to stop the ply from scratching the paint work). Do not saw too quickly, you want to cut the plastic not melt it!

What I did; the hole saw I used is an inexpensive one with several removable round saws that fit into a universal backing plate. They are available from most hardware stores. One of the saws fits snugly over the Slider body. I put some tape on the slider body to stop it from scuffing, applied some light oil to the inside of the saw and slid the saw over the installed Slider to use it as a cutting guide.

The cutting was done by rotating the saw backwards and forwards by hand. You need to ensure that the saw doesnâ€t “open up” and it is quite slow. However, you donâ€t need to trace the outline of the Slider or remove the fairing and the hole is exactly where you want it.

11. Clean the hole with fine sand paper.

12. Install the Slider (and the fairing if removed)

    The set of inexpensive saws that i used for final diameter hole.

    Conical type drill for enlarging the pilot hole to accept the stub.

    These are Kaneg sliders- they are the only ones I have seen for the Busa with the shorter stub on one side required for the RHS of the bike. I had to cut one of mine down or else the right side protrudes 15-20 mm more than the LHS. These woud fit all series 1 Busas (despite being ad only up to 05) - If I knew this earlier I would have bought these!

    fit of hole saw blade on slider.

    Hole saw at base of slider - this has already been cut but it shows how the slider acts as the guide for cutting by hand. It also shows how close the cut is to the slider.

    Finished RHS - note the Sliders distance from the fairing bolt.

    Finished LHS - note the Sliders distance from the fairing bolt.

Alternate Methods for Locating Pilot Hole.

Using Laser Pointer.

1. Place the bike on level bike stands.
2. Remove the fairing
3. Mount the laser pointer on a chair or similar.
4. Point laser to middle of mounting bolt.
5. Install the fairing
6. Drill the pilot hole where indicated by the laser light
(Note – bike and laser must not move and the more perpendicular the laser is to the mounting bolt the better)

Using Impression
1. Remove the fairing.
2. Place enough Blu-tac or similar to leave an impression on the inside of the fairing where the mounting bolt will be.
3. Install the fairing.
4. Remove the fairing and use the impression of the mounting bolt to locate the pilot hole.

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