Hump - How to unlock
If you have accidentally locked your hump and the key won't open it because you disconnected the mechanism, there are a couple of ways to get it back off. These fixes only work on a GEN 1 model.
The GEN II latch is different and will require a solution to be developed.

1st Solution was offered by Pete at Pete's Pitstop in Victoria.

Just lever it up slightly on the left side, with a rag over screw driver or flat bar is better (gently does it) Have a look with torch and slip a piece of hooked wire in and pull the catch's on the rear side of the latch assembly and pulls from right to left.
Easy to do and I have found that now the first thing I do when I put the cover back on the bike is to hook the cable up as it's indeed so easy to forget.

2nd Solution was offered by Bill (XXX) from Queensland.

Remove the back wheel and get yourself a 1 inch hole saw. Roughly work out where the lock is by looking at the pillion seat and then drill a hole UP through your rear guard then do the same as Pete says, get a torch and find the lock and a nice little flat blade screwdriver will do the job. Once done go to hardware store and find a 1 inch rubber gromet and plug the hole. That way, if you ever do it again, it is an easy solution.

As for levering the hump and sliding metal between paint, I would do that only as a last resort.

3rd solution from The Shredder.
This one is a preemtive attack against the locked hump bogey.

Next time you have the hump or rear seat off just drill a hole in the side of the duck tail.
You dont even have to worry about the drill running away on you as if your drill bit is sharp just palce against tail & turn it by hand it will cut throught no problems.

( it Cant be seen when seat or hump in place)
Now that the hole is there if this ever happens just lever up the rear & use a bit of coat hanger wire etc & place in the hole to push the lock open as shown below.

There are many members who will thank these guys for their suggestions.

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