It's go time!
Rcc headers place the turbo a lot closer to the exhaust side ,you will need to cut the fairing
Is that the 60 or 75mm turbo inlet ?
K&N have the biggest range ,
i look for about 75mm high and ~ 150 dia for adequate airflow and minimal sticking out
75MM inlet mate, here's the filter i have on the way. Should look all right if i get the stencil right and don't balls the hole up!
[Image: 53620683ac9f2b5bf675ef0f4392fb72.jpg]

[Image: 7d61e9a3d6f3cbe7d578335dccb44793.jpg]

The business end of the fuel tank, now leak free. Loaded the generic power commander fat map and cranked it up apparently i put the fan a little to close to the header tho.. FMU seems to be doing its job, the bov is opening and the boost gauge shows a steady needle.
[Image: 7d925a18f9ebba5528daef090af05a51.jpg]
Tomorrow's job, trim all the fan blades to get it back in balance. Oh and modify the lower rad mount again 😑
So far so good really!

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It may pay to replace the plastic fan with a Muzzy stainless to avoid melting again too...
[Image: PanBusa3sig.jpg] 
99 Hayabusa track bike
And that filter , possibly the centre is too close to the turbo inlet and restricts the air, wont know for sure till you back to back runs, some that shape are bad and others fine
Thanks Pan I'll keep em in mind if i have further issues with it!
That air filter never turned up.... freaking fleabay.
However armed with a 2.5kg fire extinguisher i took it for a test lap yesterday. Fuel is coming up with boost to about 70PSI @ 6PSI sits at about 48PSI @ 4000RPM cruising, waste gate is working and looks like its opening @ 6 - 6.5PSI. The BOV seems to hesitate and go after the fact but i wasn't giving the give a full handful of go screw or chopping it hard.
No oil leaks, no fuel leaks it must be time for the dyno you don't need fairings for that!

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Can anyone recommend some were to get a tune/set up the E-boost, preferably SA or VIC but can travel to NSW if need be. Before any one says it S&R won't touch it, ive called them a couple of times!

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Sorry mate was busy when you messaged , good now
All good bud i need a few weeks notice for work if i drive it over any way! If you're still interested PM me when you might be available and maybe a rough estimate (assuming nothing needs changing) pretty keen to get it back on the road!

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Great thread , bt seemed to finish very quickly....anyone know the out come??
Was thinking of doing first stage on my 2000 busa now ive got some money.
Hav'nt been on forum since 2002 , its good to see its still going strong!  
 Cheers , Paul

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