Yeah keep up the good work Kev & Babybusa only venting on the injustice not your efforts. Trophy Trophy 1 each
'The more professional you are, the closer you get to your client' Leon.

So what all this boils down to is that between the cops and the rta we are the meat in the sandwich.Fcuk me!!!is it that hard for the cop to ask the rider to slightly turn the tube for info????ohh no........that wont happen,if he cant see it from way up there,without him bending over (just in case his hyman broke)than its not legal.
It's legal according to the rta but he doesnt know that because most probably comunication between the two departments is as good and useful as a bible in a whore house.Some police officers forget all the taxes we pay to keep them employed.In other countrys the cop would have punched in your plate details way before he pulled you over or approached your vechile.Its a safety issue too,if the car is stolen, unregistered,owned by a female and being driven by a man or vice versa it should/may come up and give the officer a head start on how to deal with the situation armed with what could be vital info.I was pulled over last week and the cop literaly climbed out of his car,half his unifrom hanging out due the so called patrol dutys in the brothel area up the road and asked me if the plastic panels on my b-king are legal cause they are way out form the sides(portruding)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!idiot2:
Colonial red neck greed dictated by crooked politicians enforced by some oxygen thieves ,thats all.
Broken in a brothel....Lol3. bloody funny stuff that...good to see the Police can't take away our sense of humour!!!!ClapClapClap

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